The Original Darren Criss Street Team

do you know if theres a plan for buying teenage dream & trying to get it to number 1 againnnnnnnn


yes, there is!!

Details are on our facebook group, but I will make a post on here later today!

I love the new layout!


Thank you! :D

I love the new layout, it's perfect.


Thanks! Graphic credit to Rachel :)

I don't get it. What are we supposed to do on Ology. com?


Create an account and join Darren’s Ology page. This is for Ology’s “Hottest Male Actor!” Contest.

Basically, the actor with the most followers, posts, and comments on their page will win. So far we’re in second place only a few points behind Tom Felton. Every other actor is thousands of point behind Darren and Tom.

All the official rules and information can be found here.

If Darren wins, the top 20 most active members will win a t-shirt!

If the page gets up to 500 members, the street team will be giving away an autographed “How to Succeed” playbill as well

hello! Please answer if you have time :) Okay so Glee tour is not going to have a tour this year. So now I don't know how I am able to see Darren Criss or meet him, this year. If you have any information, then please let me know. My dream is to meet him/ see him for once in my life. If you know anything then I highly appreciate it! :)


We aren’t aware of any plans that Darren has this summer.  Sorry. When we get any information, we’ll share it.

Do you still have any leftover bracelets that you were giving away in NY in January? I'd really like one!


We do! We’re sending out the ones for our scavenger hunt participants this week and then we’ll have some available. Send us your request at so we can make sure to contact you when we start that process. 

Human is currently #38 on the Top Alternative Albums Chart :D


freakin awesome

Are we supposed to buy Human from the U.S. iTunes store or any store? (I have an account for both the U.S. and Canada store)


i think we’re trying for the US but by all means buy it anywhere it’s available - maybe it will make more people look into him.

I tried opening the group card for Darren a couple of times but it just keeps loading. I was wondering if it's just me having the problem or should it just open. I hope it's not to late to sign it. Thanks!!


i believe you can if you use a different internet browser. chrome apparently works.

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