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Hey guys!
You all have done an awesome job on getting us to over 500 followers on this Tumblr page!

As promised, here is your next mission: 
Please send us facts about Darren. This can include, but is not limited to, random facts about his career, youtube hits for his musicals, records sold for glee, number of songs on glee, and that sort of thing. Anything professional that sets him apart and could profit him on SNL!

You can submit these ideas to the tumblr page or you can send them to directly to us via email at using the subject line “Darren facts”. 

We understand everyone will be slightly distracted by the big announcement next week, so we’ll give you two weeks to send in your facts, meaning the deadline for this project will be May 3rd! Of course, you should feel free to use anything that relates to the announcement once it is made if you think it’s relevant!

The final letter will be made available for you guys once it’s finished, but you will be asked for more input before we get there and we’ll let you know about that once the facts are in!

Also, we would like to have 750 tumlr followers by May 3rd, to show that people really want this. So keep reblogging and promoting!

Let’s do this folks!

Hey Everyone!

It’s time for a little challenge. While we work behind the scenes on getting the next step of the SNL project ready, we would kindly ask you to follow the SNL tumblr ( Our goal is to reach 500 followers by Friday next week (April 19th). That should give all of you plenty of time to go and follow!

Once we have reached the 500 followers, we will anounce the next steps for you to contribute to the letter we will be writing. It won’t be signatures, but will instead require you to get creative and do some research. And we all know how good you guys are at that!

So get reblogging, promoting and following, so we can move on to the next steps sooner rather than later!


graphics, gif, text posts, self-written skits, videos, anything goes!!

Dear everyone!

To those who have already sent in signatures, THANK YOU. Please continue to do so, whether they be yours or friends’ or family members. So long as people are willing to sign, keep sending them our way!

We have been debating on what else to do to show the folks over at SNL how much we want Darren to be on the show. Because it is easily accessible and because everyone can contribute, we have decided to do this through tumblr. In the next couple of weeks, please feel free to submit any of the following things through our newly created Tumblr ( :

• reasons for Darren to be on SNL (nothing too fangirly, but fun things like “he would be hilarious as Stephon’s boyfriend” or “He would make a fantastic addition to…”)

• reasons why he’s qualified (facts for us to put on the fact sheet, i.e. youtube views, award shows hosted, critics’ love for/quotes about him etc.) Submit as many of these as you can, so we can combine them for the fact sheet!

• skits written / performed by yourselves which involve Darren or a character you’ve created for him

• gif sets of Darren on the show (like an AU gifset, use Blaine or Darren gifs and combine it with SNL skits to show people how fun it could be to have him there)

• those in the US with legal access to old SNL episodes and skits (through their website, tumblr or things such as hulu) could submit them and we will post one every few days with a shout out to the person who posted them (we can post just your name, or your tumblr, twitter, fb)

• edits of SNL billboards such as this one,  but with Darren, obviously!

• flyers / your own fact sheets with info about Darren/reasons for him to be on SNL. We can’t promise we’ll use all of them in the letter campaign, but it would definitely help spread the word and raise awareness. 

Of course, we will also reblog any and all things you create, if you tag them with “project: SNL”. 

We will of course be partaking in things like trending topics and the monthly SNL requests for guests as well, but for now it’s all about showing that people are talking about Darren being on the show and there is interest in the community!

If you have any more ideas, feel free to let us know. 

This of course does not just apply to ST members. Anyone and everyone is welcome to submit things and give us their input!

Let’s make this happen!
DCST admins

For the last week or so, we have been developping a strategy, have made some plans to spread the word about Darren to the people who could make this happen.

We have reached out to the lovely people over at and they’ve agreed to work with us and help with the campaign!

This is a big project and we would therefore like to ask each and everyone of you to get involved and help.

The first step will be for us admins to send a letter with a signature campaign to the folks at SNL and we hope that you can all send in your signatures. Scan them and send them to us at, and we will put them all together in a document and attach them to the end of the letter. We’ll send ONE letter, so we kindly ask you to take part in this, rather than sending your own letters, so as to not bombard the SNL offices.

Of course, as fans, you will all be involved in some aspects of the letter. We will be asking you for reasons why Darren should be hosting, and to collect some facts as to why he’s qualified to do so. Details on that will follow soon. The letter will then be sent on to the folks at SNL and hopefully will raise some awareness for our project.

We are of course always looking for input and for ideas about how to spread the word and promote, so feel free to drop us a line via email if you have any ideas for this. We can’t promise that all ideas will be implemented, but we are certainly willing to look at and consider them to make sure we really are doing the best we can for this promotion project.

A bunch of other things are planned at the moment, that we will be revealing later on this week, once everyone has gotten used to the idea of being involved in something this big and hopefully we’ll have gotten some feedback and some ideas from YOU guys, too.

We would also like to introduce you to Kerry Graue, who has been working with us behind the scenes for a long, long time and has now joined us officially in her function as PR consultant. She is a real pro at promotion, so we’re very, very glad to have her with us from now on. Although she is not an admin, you should take what she says as guidance just as if it was coming from us, so please, show her and her knowledge respect and the usual curtesy you have extended us admins!

Let us know what you all think, send some ideas our way (preferably via email or PM on this admin account, so the suggestions don’t disappear in the comments).

All the best,
DCST admins

p.s. OF COURSE people who aren’t members of the DCST should feel free to send in their signatures, too. The more signatures, the better, obviously!

Glad Darren liked our page! Way to go guys. Thanks to everyone who sent something in to make this thing awesome. We got a “wow” :)

Glad Darren liked our page! Way to go guys. Thanks to everyone who sent something in to make this thing awesome. We got a “wow” :)

Link to video

Darren has seen at least some of the videos. Yay!

Link to video

Darren has seen at least some of the videos. Yay!

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We are trying to chart Don’t Stop Me Now later today. 

Find the information HERE!

Some lovely, LOVELY folks have offered to GIFT the song to those who can’t afford it! Find out how to get in contact with them by checking the FB post and contacting them. If you can’t figure it out, send us an ask and we’ll make sure to send you through to them!

The massive project is done and you can see your submissions over here:

Alternatively, you can check the “project: birthday page” or “DCST birthday” tags!

The youtube playlist can be found on our youtube here:

Thank you to everyone who helped with this and sent things in!

Don’t forget we are trying to chart Don’t Stop Me Now later today, the info about that is HERE:

I hope you all enjoy Darren’s birthday!