The Original Darren Criss Street Team

continuing with our Darren performs Starship mondays: Beauty.

do you like the song? were you one of the lucky few who heard him do this live either in London or at the FNAM event? tell us about it!

Also, a very, VERY Happy Birthday to our lovely admin Sam! Kick it up a notch, Darling!

Status Quo!

Did you get the chance to see Starship in Chicago? Do you prefer Darren’s live version or the recorded version? or another one? Let us know!

So, Even Though from the not-very-family-friendly Me and My Dick. 

Do you like the musical? Do you think it’s too silly? What about the song? Ever heard it live? Do you enjoy Darren’s version or the original cast version?

So, are you a fan of Little White Lie? Have you seen it? Do you enjoy the live version of this song or the version used in the show better?

(I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve just moved to a different country, so things were hectic for a while!)

Days of Summer! (with a little bit of Stutter thrown in!)

Any special memories attached to this song? Ever seen it live?

Continuing with our AVPS theme: Getting Along, originally performed by Dylan Saunders and Joe Walker as Dumbledore and Umbridge. 

Have you ever seen Darren do this song live? Were you at one of the amazing UK shows? 

One more video to honor Leaky Con just being done. (I can’t wait until we get the A Very Potter Senior Year videos, so we’ll have even more material to work with!)

Pop Quiz: Which one do you prefer,  A Very Potter Musical or A Very Potter Sequel?  

Hit us up in replies/reblogs and let us know your favorite things about the so far released AVP musicals!

So, No Way. It’s one of my absolute favorites. Have you ever heard the song live? Do you prefer the starkid version or Darren singing it solo?

To celebrate Leaky Con coming up, here’s a song of the week from A Very Starkid Event last year. 

What’s your favorite version of To Have A Home? Hit us up via replies or reblogs!

something fun and entertaining for song of the week this time around. 

Do you enjoy Darren’s sillier songs as much as you enjoy his serious ones? 

(personally, I love them. I like seeing an entertainer’s light hearted side!)