Wednesday February 5, 2014

Do some good and maybe win a trip to see Darren in Los Angeles!

You guys have all done an incredible job with your birthday projects this year. So many amazing projects, so much money raised for good causes. 

But make sure to check out Darren’s own birthday wish and project, by going to his prizeo page, where you can donate some money in exchange for some amazing goodies and also enter for a chance to win a trip to LA to hang out with Darren!

Do some good, everyone!!

Thursday November 28, 2013

Ready to set a new trend?!

You guys are doing an amazing job voting for Darren on all voting platforms. We are super impressed and hope you guys are pushing on toward the finish. Only a few more days left of voting!

On Friday, at 7 PM EST, we will be trending “Darren is the People’s Choice” (without the quotations) on twitter. And we aren’t looking for a quick trend, we’d like to see it trend through the 8 PM spree as well. The same hashtags (Darren Criss #comedictvactor#peopleschoice) will still need to be present, but the additional text should be added to get the trend.

Set your calendars, reminders, tweet queue software, etc., and join us!

Wednesday November 6, 2013


Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!!!

Here are the individual (mobile) links for the categories Darren has been nominated for!! Unfortunately, the actual website does not allow individual links, but the mobile version counts just as much! Vote often, share the links, and spread the word! We all know he deserves it!

Darren Criss: Comedic TV Actor
Blaine/Sam: TV Bromance 
Kurt/Blaine: On-Screen Chemistry
Glee: Network TV Comedy 

You can also vote via the Official People’s Choice Awards App

To vote on Twitter, you have two options: 

  • First, after you’ve cast your votes on the website, a little button will appear that says "tweet your vote". According to people’s choice, “by clicking that button you will automatically be sending out your official Twitter vote. And the more your followers retweet, the more votes will come in for your picks”! How exciting!
  • You can also tweet a series of specific hastags to vote for someone. There is a list on how to vote for all the categories here, but to make it easier, here’s what to include in your tweet for Darren’s categories: 

Darren Criss #comedictvactor #PeoplesChoice
Blaine/Sam #tvbromance #PeoplesChoice
Kurt/Blaine #chemistry #PeoplesChoice
Glee #networktvcomedy #PeoplesChoice

You can also vote via the Official Facebook App

From there you can ALSO share on twitter! Sharing your votes on FB so others can see is a good way to promote, as well!

Voting ends at 11:59 PM EST on December 5, 2013!


Tuesday November 5, 2013

Girl Most Likely OUT TODAY on DVD and BLURAY

So go get your copy from the retailer of your choice!

Here’s the amazon link

Thursday October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween, everyone!

Before you go out and eat so much candy you go into a sugar-coma, make sure to VOTE for all Darren-related things in the PCA nominations!!

Vote for Glee for Favorite Network  TV Comedy

Vote for Darren as Favorite Comedic TV Actor

Vote for Blam (Blaine/Sam) as Favorite TV Bromance

Vote for Klaine (Kurt/Blaine) as Favorite On Screen Chemistry

It’s the last push today, so make sure to get your votes in for all of these categories!!

Tuesday October 22, 2013


US Members, you can now buy Girl Most Likely on iTunes, Amazon, and OnDemand

Don’t forget to leave some nice feedback and comments about the movie!!

Wednesday July 24, 2013

DCST Leaky London Meet Up Update:

Because our meet up was scheduled for the same times as the HP cast panel, we’ve decided to move it to sunday after the con!

Details about location and specific time to follow!

Sunday July 21, 2013

DCST Meet Up at Leaky London!

Dear European DCST members,

we are having a DCST meet-up at Leaky London! 

You can find the event HERE:

We don’t have the date and time yet, but we are planing to have two competitions during our meeting! 

There will be a quiz as well as a design contest for flyers/posters! For more info, check out the event page or any of the European chapter FB pages!

Hope to see you there!

Friday July 12, 2013


We hope you’re still all motivated and energized from the tour! We want to capture that momentum and propel this forward. 

Attached you will find a flyer for Girl Most Likely, which hits theaters in the US next week! Ideally, we would ask you to print the flyer out (double sided, with the movie poster at the front and the details on the back) and hand it out at your school, university, coffee shop, theater, wherever you can think of. 

There are two versions of the flyer for the back, the one with fewer details to be printed on quarter pages, whereas the one with more critiques shows best on half a page. If you prefer your flyers in PDF, they are uploaded in both formats on our very own DROPBOX here!

When using our dropbox online, please download the files. If you are using the dropbox app, please do NOT drag and drop the files into one of your folders as this will REMOVE them from the dropbox and force us to re-upload them. So just save the files or copy paste. 

Let’s make sure that Girl Most Likely gets the promo it deserves!!!

For more details, and other promo ideas (including some from Darren’s team themselves) check out our facebook site!

Here are the flyers, in case you don’t want to use dropbox: 

Thursday April 25, 2013

Tour update

Tickets are NOT sold out. Only pre-sale is sold out. 

There will be another pre-sale from LiveNation tomorrow at 10 a.m. local time of the venue. The password for that has been confirmed to be “showers”. 

Then, there will be the general sale on Saturday at 10 a.m. local time of the venue. This will be the sale for General Admission tickets. 

all shows are listed here:

except for Minneapolis which is here:

VIP tickets will go on sale Saturday at 2 pm EST. You NEED to have a GA ticket to get access to the concert, so for your VIP to be valid, you need to buy a GA ticket. This goes for ALL shows, except for Nashville, where the GA ticket is included in the VIP package. 

VIP tickets can be purchased here:

VIP Package includes:

- Priority Entry into Venue
- Limited Edition Poster
- Official VIP Laminate
- Meet + Greet w/ Individual Photo
- Adventures in Wonderland Concierge

- Priority Entry into Venue
- Limited Edition Poster
- Darren Criss Gift Bag
- Exclusive T-Shirt
- Official VIP Laminate
- Meet + Greet w/ Darren in Dressing Room
- Take a Professional + Polaroid Photo with Darren
- Autograph from Darren Criss
- Adventures in Wonderland Concierge 

The DCST has composed a Tour FAQ which is updated regularly and can be accessed here: 
(You need to join the group to see it)