Thursday January 26, 2012

Birthday Present for Darren Criss

We spoke about this (on the forum page I think), but wouldn’t it be a wonderful present for Darren Criss if his song, Human, were to chart on his birthday? It’s only 99 cents. I know that an overwhelming majority, if not all of us, probably already own a copy but seeing as how his birthay is on a Sunday this year, it won’t compete with any new releases, and you could always buy it and gift it to someone who is unaware of his glory yet. So, that is our contribution to the birthday projects this year. DCST wants to get Human (the song, not the EP) to chart on iTunes on 2/5. PLEASE spread the word about this project. Remember to purchase ON 2/5, not before. I figure starting to inform people now will give everyone that needs to enough time to go out and snag an iTunes Gift Card.


E! Online is at it again! Go vote for Darren Criss on this poll. Spread the word!

Thanks to all those that posted this, we wanted to post it here too. ;) 

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Tuesday April 5, 2011

…Supernatural fans are commenting on the poll saying it’s rigged and we’re cheating.


Um, seriously.

Supernatural is ALWAYS being told that THEY are cheating. Obviously they’re not. They’re just a dedicated fandom.




Just… what… even.

 Anything involving Darren will always have these comments. They don’t understand how vast we are and what we are capable of. I remember one of the first things that we asked the Street Team to go and post on after Darren got on Glee… people at that site were saying that Darren’s publicist was spamming the message board. At that point Darren didn’t even HAVE a publicist. The power of Team Darren… no one understands it.