Tuesday February 5, 2013

Don’t forget about our Chartday!

We are trying to chart Don’t Stop Me Now later today. 

Find the information HERE!

Some lovely, LOVELY folks have offered to GIFT the song to those who can’t afford it! Find out how to get in contact with them by checking the FB post and contacting them. If you can’t figure it out, send us an ask and we’ll make sure to send you through to them!

Tuesday February 5, 2013

Dear everyone!

The massive project is done and you can see your submissions over here: http://dcstbirthdayproject.tumblr.com/

Alternatively, you can check the “project: birthday page” or “DCST birthday” tags!

The youtube playlist can be found on our youtube here:http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2Mi5Mk6dBrwplDVp7WXcx3TjhJmYD040

Thank you to everyone who helped with this and sent things in!

Don’t forget we are trying to chart Don’t Stop Me Now later today, the info about that is HERE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/officialdcst/permalink/527652670599612/

I hope you all enjoy Darren’s birthday!

Monday February 4, 2013

Regarding getting Darren to chart tomorrow, we have some VERY generous people offering to buy the song for those who can’t afford it in the US

check the pinned post on FB for details on who and how to contact!

Monday February 4, 2013

Happy Chartday, Darren!

Dear DCST members!

Tomorrow, for Darren’s 26th birthday, we will be trying to chart his version of Don’t Stop Me Now. 

At noon EST (9 a.m. PST), everyone go and buy the song on the US iTunes store. 

We are hoping to get him to at least # 26, but of course anything above that would be AMAZING and the icing on the birthday cupcake. 

So get buying tomorrow. 

We will of course also be having a trending topic, we just need to agree on what.

So get charting, folks!

Friday February 1, 2013

Hey ST members!

We’ve extended the deadline for your birthday page submissions until tomorrow (february 2nd) at midnight!

Please send something in, if you haven’t already. It would be so nice to have submissions from as many people as possible!

Information can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/officialdcst/permalink/512466155451597/

Please spread the word and signal boost!

Thursday January 31, 2013

Dear ST members!

Don’t forget that today is the last day for submissions for the Birthday Project!

You can find the details HERE and send in your submissions to our email address at darrencrissstreetteam@gmail.com!

It would be really great to get some more submissions in!

Friday January 18, 2013

DCST members, don’t forget about our Birthday Project for Darren!

Find all the information HERE and join us in wishing Darren a Happy Birthday!

Thursday January 10, 2013

DCST Birthday Project!

Dear ST-Members!

Darren’s birthday is fast approaching and since video projects seem more and more popular, we thought we’d chime in with our own!

Unlike others however, we want you to send in your own little video with a birthday message each and we will upload them to a specially created Darren Birthday page. The videos should be no longer than 1.30 each, but feel free to put your own spin on them. The DCST is very mutlicultural, with members and groups all over the world, so it would be great if that could be reflected in your videos. 

If you don’t want to appear on video, don’t fret. Feel free to send us audio posts or drawings or let us know about any other creative ideas you might have that you want to share. 

Upload your contribution to a site like mediafire or rapidshare and send us the link to our email address (darrencrissstreetteam@gmail.com), so we can download your contribution. Fanart can be sent directly via email, but audio and video may be too big. Please put your name and which chapter you are a part of in the mail, so we know who you are!

DEADLINE is January 31st!

We will gradually add everything to a tumblr site that will go live on Darren’s birthday, with the videos going up on the DCST youtube page in a specially created playlist. 

Let’s get this party started and make it a good one!

Your admins

Darren Criss Message to the UK Chapter of the Street Team. Check out his fancy british accent!

original post by Katherine HERE

You can join the DCST UK Chapter on Facebook HERE

What a brilliant holiday gift!

Monday December 17, 2012


Guys, don’t forget about our charity month!

We know it’s finals time, but it’s also holiday season and what better time to go out and do some good!

This fandom has always risen to the occasion of giving money for charity to obtain scripts or other awesome things, but this time we’d like you to go out and help with your hands and hearts rather than with money. Go help some people in need at soup kitchens, hospitals, children’s wards. Find a way to get involved in your community and let us know about it through the tag #DCSTgivesback.

So many people can’t enjoy the holiday cheer, by volunteering just a little bit of your time and energy, you could make their life a whole lot better!

Have a look at the original post and maybe you can find it in you to go out and do some good, just like Darren does so often.

Happy Holidays, everyone!