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Darren Criss Message to the UK Chapter of the Street Team. Check out his fancy british accent!

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What a brilliant holiday gift!

Guys, don’t forget about our charity month!

We know it’s finals time, but it’s also holiday season and what better time to go out and do some good!

This fandom has always risen to the occasion of giving money for charity to obtain scripts or other awesome things, but this time we’d like you to go out and help with your hands and hearts rather than with money. Go help some people in need at soup kitchens, hospitals, children’s wards. Find a way to get involved in your community and let us know about it through the tag #DCSTgivesback.

So many people can’t enjoy the holiday cheer, by volunteering just a little bit of your time and energy, you could make their life a whole lot better!

Have a look at the original post and maybe you can find it in you to go out and do some good, just like Darren does so often.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Go vote for Darren as favorite Actor over at the hypable awards!

You have to vote in all categories for the vote to count, but it takes maybe 3 minutes to do so.

Winners will be announced on December 20th!

Last night, Darren performed an amazing, free holiday concert to benefit “Toys for Tots” and eBay’s “GiveOne” campaign. We were challenged to give at least 350 toys, and so far only about 175 have been given. Their total goal is 25,000, and we believe with the help of the DCST, we can help reach that goal. Just because you couldn’t make it to the event, doesn’t mean you can’t give! :) There are filters to choose less expensive gifts, and you can always partner up with a friend to be able to purchase together. Let’s do this for Darren!

Go HERE to donate some holiday joy!

Also, don’t forget to look for other opportunities to give some joy during the holidays for our DCSTgivesback project. Contact your mods and officers to throw some ideas around and do some good for the less fortunate!

Hey street teamers! The holidays are right around the corner and with people struggling to really enjoy the most wonderful time of the year, the DCST has decided to give something back. More importantly, we want to give back with our heads, our hands and our hearts and not with our wallets. 

This December, we are challenging you to pay it forward and make the season bright for others. Your officers have been brainstorming great ideas such as volunteering in soup kitchens, clean-up for hurricane damage, or caroling for nursing homes or children’s hospitals. All these things don’t take money, just your time and care.

Darren has given a lot back, lets rise to the occasion and strive to do the same this December. Take pictures, tweet, or post using the hashtag #DCSTgivesback, and we’ll choose one DCSTer each from Tumblr and Twitter for a special prize. So grab some fellow street teamers, and start planning! It would be great if we could get a few things going before Christmas and New Year’s!

Also, if you can’t get out there for any reason, you can still help by giving through this great link that Darren tweeted yesterday!:

Log in with your facebook or your twitter here and vote to get more Darren Baboo content! We know how much fun everyone had last time, so this would be a great way to let Darren and his team know that we want more fun goodies!

To vote, click on the pink Darren doll!

continuing with our Darren performs Starship mondays: Beauty.

do you like the song? were you one of the lucky few who heard him do this live either in London or at the FNAM event? tell us about it!

Also, a very, VERY Happy Birthday to our lovely admin Sam! Kick it up a notch, Darling!

Hey guys!

Check out this awesome new way to get a bit of an insight into what goes on in Darren’s life. From exclusive pictures to promo codes and a way to give your input about merch and upcoming projects, it’s got everything!

So click your way through the Baboo and find some awesome things!

Everyone, go check out some of the amazing new stuff that Darren’s team just put up over at the Official Darren Criss Store! There’s some great designs there, we know we’ll be buying loads of them!

Also, I trust you have all seen Darren’s tweet, but in case you haven’t, if you RT this tweet, you have the chance of winning a signed shirt!

So get shopping and get tweeting guys! 

Yay new merch!