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Here are the individual (mobile) links for the categories Darren has been nominated for!! Unfortunately, the actual website does not allow individual links, but the mobile version counts just as much! Vote often, share the links, and spread the word! We all know he deserves it!

Darren Criss: Comedic TV Actor
Blaine/Sam: TV Bromance 
Kurt/Blaine: On-Screen Chemistry
Glee: Network TV Comedy 

You can also vote via the Official People’s Choice Awards App

To vote on Twitter, you have two options: 

  • First, after you’ve cast your votes on the website, a little button will appear that says "tweet your vote". According to people’s choice, “by clicking that button you will automatically be sending out your official Twitter vote. And the more your followers retweet, the more votes will come in for your picks”! How exciting!
  • You can also tweet a series of specific hastags to vote for someone. There is a list on how to vote for all the categories here, but to make it easier, here’s what to include in your tweet for Darren’s categories: 

Darren Criss #comedictvactor #PeoplesChoice
Blaine/Sam #tvbromance #PeoplesChoice
Kurt/Blaine #chemistry #PeoplesChoice
Glee #networktvcomedy #PeoplesChoice

You can also vote via the Official Facebook App

From there you can ALSO share on twitter! Sharing your votes on FB so others can see is a good way to promote, as well!

Voting ends at 11:59 PM EST on December 5, 2013!


Happy Halloween, everyone!

Before you go out and eat so much candy you go into a sugar-coma, make sure to VOTE for all Darren-related things in the PCA nominations!!

Vote for Glee for Favorite Network  TV Comedy

Vote for Darren as Favorite Comedic TV Actor

Vote for Blam (Blaine/Sam) as Favorite TV Bromance

Vote for Klaine (Kurt/Blaine) as Favorite On Screen Chemistry

It’s the last push today, so make sure to get your votes in for all of these categories!!

Thanks so much, Rachel! 

As for everyone else, please keep voting for Klaine in the ology contest and keep singing our twitition to get Darren’s version of Dress You Up released as a single!!

Sign the Twitition to get Darren’s cover of Dress You Up for Fashion’s Night Out released as a single here:


Keep voting for Kurt and Blaine as Best On-Screen Couple on Ology here:

Ology has a contest up for best on-screen couple! Let’s give Klaine a boost, they are currently in second place!!

Vote for them here: 




Just received this bit of news:

Contest UPDATE: Extended through 3/12/12!

**UPDATE: The contest will now run through midnight on Monday, 3/12/12! We’re making some big changes to today, Friday 3/9/12, so the site will be down periodically. Don’t worry. You’ll have the rest of the weekend and Monday to help your favorite actor win the title of “Hottest Male Actor”!

Remember that if you join and are active, should Darren win, you have the chance to win one of 20 tshirts from

and if we get AT LEAST 500 members, we’ll (the DCST) will be giving away a How To Succeed playbill autographed by Darren Criss, Beau Bridges, and David Hull.

You can join via facebook or email, and you can invite your friends to join as well. It’s really easy and fun!

 so go, join, promote, tell your friends, etc. etc. etc. here’s the link again:

Hey guys, the contest for the playbill is over, but the actual contest is still going on! Please, help Darren win! 

Come on guys. There are so many of you. Just make an account and a few posts. It won’t do you any harm!

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just checked the alternative chart. about 30 minutes ago it was at 139. now it’s at 120. it’s working guys- keep buying/sharing human!


just checked the alternative chart. about 30 minutes ago it was at 139. now it’s at 120. it’s working guys- keep buying/sharing human!


To celebrate Darren’s One Year Glee Anniversary, can we do something like this on twitter?

Even if you’re not a part of the street team, you can still show your love and support and happiness for him.

I tweeted at him already!

This fandom is powerful. I know we can do something like this.

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Kurt/Blaine-Only Edits

Length: 27:56
Episode: 3x01 - The Purple Piano Project
Original air date: September 20, 2011
Songs/Numbers: We Got The Beat, Big Spender, Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead, It’s Not Unusual, Anything Goes / Anything You Can Do, You Can’t Stop The Beat
Edited by: MichyGeary
Downloads links:

WMV (342.67 MB): MegaUpload
MP4 (294.08 MB): MegaUpload

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