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Darren Criss

Darren Criss: L - O - V - E (Cover) 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Happy Valentine’s Day to our wonderful Street Teamers :)

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So I went to go see him a couple of weeks ago, and after I came back I was like, “I NEED THE RECORDINGS!!” haha cause I knew that I had seen them before on my dash but I was like “Ima be a good fan and not listen beforehand!” but then I saw it and instantly regretted not at least bookmarking the link. Sorry I ramble. I’ll get to the point. I was wondering if you guys had the link to the page of his recordings in it?! it would be greatly appreciated! <3

We posted the links here. Enjoy!

hi everyone! i know a lot of people have been asking for recordings of how to succeed, and i sent these links to the main street team email account but idk if they ever actually got it so i figured id post it here for peoples enjoyment haha. i recorded the show on friday the 20th with audio only (i know, i really shouldnt have, i apologize, im a bad person, oh well). the quality isnt very good and im sorry for that, but hey i tried. instead of just the songs, it has the entire show too. also at the end of the second one, it the show ends before the recording does because i wanted to try to get to the stage door and forgot i had this recording in my pocket lol, but i dont know how to trim it. sooo you will just hear me and other people going to the stage door (but i didnt leave early so youll still have the entire show) this is act 1 and act 2