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Darren Criss in TV and Satalitte Week (UK)


Darren Criss in TV and Satalitte Week (UK)


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Blaine Power

Playing Kurt’s supportive boyfriend Blaine Anderson in Glee has turned Darren Criss into a key member of the Mckinley High gang over the last couple of series. This week, as the show returns after its short break, more is revealed about Blaine as his older actor brother Cooper, played by White collar star Matt Bomer, pays a visit from Hollywood. We caught up with 25 year old Criss to find out more…

What can you tell us about Cooper?

Well, for starters, Matt Bomer looks like a Disney prince. I guess they felt the need to flatter me into thinking that he could be my brother- in my dreams! I can’t really reveal what is going to happen between the brothers as I don’t want to ruin it for viewers, but they are 10 years apart in age which brings in certain things.

It must be nice finding out a bit more about Blaine’s background.

Yes, he initially arrived as a strong, confident figure in Kurt’s life, but since then we have seen more cracks, and he has started to become more human and much more relatable. The more we see the fragile, delicate parts of Blaine the more we see the stronger parts of Kurt, and vice versa.

Can you see them staying together?

Anything is possible. Their exciting honeymoon phase has evolved into a real relationship with emotional speed bumps and all the challenges that you face when you are learning about another person. Even is they broke up there would still be more to explore.

You have a Bee-Gees themed episode coming up. What was it like filming that?

It was insane and wild. Glee gets continually more wacky for me. I get to dance in a pair of bell bottoms under a disco ball. How many times does anyone get to do that?

Do you feel different now that some of the characters are leaving school?

I think it will add an exciting new element to the show. Initially it was this huge thing that people were graduating, as people thought it meant characters were leaving. But even though they are going to different places in their lives, I don’t think anyone is really going anywhere. We still have songs to sing and dances to dance.

Why do you think Glee has proved to be so popular?

I think we can all relate to it growing up- we have all done it, or at least are trying to. Then there’s the music, which is our biggest asset. Even if you didn’t know what was going on in the show, or even if you didn’t like it, there is nobody in the world who doesn’t like music.

What was it like taking over from Daniel Radcliffe in How to succeed in business without really trying recently?

I have done theatre my whole life, so it felt like a homecoming. I got to be in front of a live audience again and do something with a beginning, middle and end. I’m happy being occupied by Glee as long as I can, but I can’t wait to get back to Broadway.

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"Well, sir, I was on Glee."
- Darren Criss