The Original Darren Criss Street Team

So, are you a fan of Little White Lie? Have you seen it? Do you enjoy the live version of this song or the version used in the show better?

(I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve just moved to a different country, so things were hectic for a while!)

hey. our German StreetTeam is in the process of getting Team Starkid for a european convention. in order to show convention organizers that Starkid has fans over here we started a petition. it would really help us if you could reblog and maybe retweet the link? thanks a lot! Starkid-StreetTeam-Germany[.]tumblr[.]com/post/19455044291/team-starkid-for-european-convention


Go and sign it, European starkids!



Just received this bit of news:

Contest UPDATE: Extended through 3/12/12!

**UPDATE: The contest will now run through midnight on Monday, 3/12/12! We’re making some big changes to today, Friday 3/9/12, so the site will be down periodically. Don’t worry. You’ll have the rest of the weekend and Monday to help your favorite actor win the title of “Hottest Male Actor”!

Remember that if you join and are active, should Darren win, you have the chance to win one of 20 tshirts from

and if we get AT LEAST 500 members, we’ll (the DCST) will be giving away a How To Succeed playbill autographed by Darren Criss, Beau Bridges, and David Hull.

You can join via facebook or email, and you can invite your friends to join as well. It’s really easy and fun!

 so go, join, promote, tell your friends, etc. etc. etc. here’s the link again:

Hey guys, the contest for the playbill is over, but the actual contest is still going on! Please, help Darren win! 

Come on guys. There are so many of you. Just make an account and a few posts. It won’t do you any harm!

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I don't get it. What are we supposed to do on Ology. com?


Create an account and join Darren’s Ology page. This is for Ology’s “Hottest Male Actor!” Contest.

Basically, the actor with the most followers, posts, and comments on their page will win. So far we’re in second place only a few points behind Tom Felton. Every other actor is thousands of point behind Darren and Tom.

All the official rules and information can be found here.

If Darren wins, the top 20 most active members will win a t-shirt!

If the page gets up to 500 members, the street team will be giving away an autographed “How to Succeed” playbill as well


just checked the alternative chart. about 30 minutes ago it was at 139. now it’s at 120. it’s working guys- keep buying/sharing human!


just checked the alternative chart. about 30 minutes ago it was at 139. now it’s at 120. it’s working guys- keep buying/sharing human!


People constantly ask how to join the Street Team.

While one day I plan to have other places for fans to interact and communicate in the future, right now our best bet is here:!/groups/officialdcst/

Go. request to join. You WILL be accepted. No one has been turned away, EVER.

The group is closed or secret or whatever so that it doesn’t show up on your news feeds for the rest of the world to see.

Let EVERYONE on Facebook know that you do!

Click that link to get to his official facebook page, where you will get all the latest news from the boy himself.

We’re trying to get him to over 300,000 likes by Christmas. We’re ALMOST THERE!

Tell your friends.



The DCST did this for fans back in June when Darren played at Irving, Steven’s dad is allowing us to do this again if there is interest.

Check out the fb event, let either Steven or myself know if you are interested in having pizza while waiting outside of Irving on 11/26. It will be delivered and you dont’ need to leave your spot in line to get something to eat!

Also, reblogging/inviting your friends would be awesome. I would hate for people to feel left out for not knowing about this.

(Steven’s father’s restaurant makes REALLY good pizza!)

For all you NYC-ers going to SPACE

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Darren Criss Song of The Day - Status Quo, taken from Irving Plaza on 6/15/11.

We decided to do this, more specifically on twitter, but why not here too. Spread the Darren love with a different Darren song every day.

If you have suggestions/requests, drop us an ask. YAY!